Spectator or participant? How do I want to live my life? Music is a pleasure for listening but listening is no longer enough for me, I want to make music for myself even if my capacity to play an instrument will never be anywhere near the wonderful skill of the musicians on the CD’s I hear playing though the speakers.

I want to DO and not merely to watch or listen.  I enjoy singing but that is no longer enough participation.  I want to accompany my singing myself and lose my dependence on having someone to play for me.  I desire a new autonomy.

Why the autoharp? Because I was introduced to this delightful instrument back in college and wanted then to learn its secrets. I purchased an inexpensive Oscar Schmidt autoharp a few years ago but again, life prevented participation in music and it went into storage.

This past January the longing, not so far under the surface, tugged once more and this time, newly graduated from graduate school there was time.

Enter the internet.  Suddenly, access to myriads of web sites on the autoharp leaped to my command.  FUN!  People who loved playing this instrument came to my attention and I joined cyberpluckers.  I attended workshops at the Winter Festival of Acoustic Music. I found web pages for luthiers who made autoharps of excellent tone and quality.

I decided to buy a new autoharp and to spend what was required to get a good one.

So began the adventure with autoharps and music.

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