Catholic Writer’s Guild LIVE! Conference REVIEW

I spent most of this past week in Arlington taking in the amazing Catholic Writer’s Guild Live! Conference, that took place in the same place as the Catholic New Media Conference, and the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show.  WOW!!!  It has taken me nearly three days of recovery to even begin to absorb all that I attended. First, the good.  I loved meeting people whose blogs and books I have read, am reading, or would like to read. That was so very very FUN I can barely handle it yet.  Give me time.  I’m a mite slow in managing input … Continue reading


I read a really great story today.  It was fast paced, funny and held my attention.  I wanted to know what happened next and I cared about the characters.  I liked how the story was woven of several threads that were followed by changing from viewpoint to viewpoint. Changing point of view is tricky in any story, and this one relied heavily on this technique.  Over-all, in this case, I believe it works well to promote the storyline.  It also needed to be developed more to give each viewpoint character more unique qualities to their voice and the point of … Continue reading

Writing Excercises

Writing is a skill that must be used to stay fresh. Writing is a vital part of my vocation. Writing, be it in a blog, book review or book, is a craft that I enjoy.  In keeping with my goals, I have been writing this blog to develop a regular pattern of writing. Thus far, with a break to go visit my sister, I’ve been nearly regular enough to please myself.  It is a good start. I added the newsletter for the Shire (an SCA group) in order to add my skills to the support of my local group.  They … Continue reading

Writing: Building a Habit

I write.  Have always loved the process.  I NEED to write and am never totally happy if I am not working on some story or other writing on a daily basis.  Trouble is I distract easily and tend to put other responsibilities ahead of my need to write every day. Distractions are a problem for any mother. I have a vocation to mother my children as well as to write.  It is a struggle to figure out how to do this properly.  I spent this past year frustrated because if I set aside time to write I felt guilty of … Continue reading

12th Day of Christmas: Saint John Neumann, Saint Telesphorus, Pope and Martyr and Epiphany

12th Day of Christmas: St. John Neumann, Saint Telesphorus, Pope and Martyr St John Neumann knew 8 languages and was a huge promoter of parochial schools in the USA. – According to St. Irenaeus, St. Telesphorus, who governed the Church from 126 to 136 during a period of violent persecution, suffered martyrdom for the faith. – Fr. Z on the Epiphany In this life we know God only indirectly, by faith, our reason aided by the authority of revelation and by grace.  This is St. Paul’s “dark glass” (1 Cor 13:12) through which we peer toward Him in longing.  Christ … Continue reading