Modesty Can Be Fun

I was enjoying some blogs found here, and from there here and here.  One of those blogs posted this question “Could Modesty Just Be More Fun?” My instant response was YES! Absolutely yes.  In a world where modesty is not found all that often, being different from the mob can be absolutely the most fun imaginable.  It is easy to discuss modesty based on the most obvious element, clothing, but it is not the only aspect of modesty; that said, I’m going to talk clothing first. There is the wide variety of clothing styles NOT being worn much these days, … Continue reading

Evolving skills Pt 2a: technology shock

Everyone has heard the phrase “Culture Shock” where a person from one region moves to a new place and the differences in the culture of the new place are difficult for that person to understand and they have to struggle to adjust.  Meet “Technology Shock” where the simple machines of my childhood have been eclipsed by technology I never imagined. A year ago I dove into the fun of looking for a new sewing machine.  I recalled that years before there were the two choices of sewing machine and/or serger and I toyed with the idea that owning one of … Continue reading

Evolving skills pt 1: nostalgia

I remember my first sewing machine, it was tiny and you turned the crank to make the needle rise and fall.  I recall bugging my mother for pieces of fabric so I could try to make something.  I don’t recall ever having much success, and the later “sewing machine” that used a glue cartridge was not much more successful.  But those early toy sewing machines started something deep inside me that no matter what I went on to do, never died out. Later, I learned more about cutting out from a pattern in a 4-H project I never managed to … Continue reading