Retreat–Holy week

A retreat is a special time spent in prayer and in seeking clarity.  This retreat was no different. I signed up for it not knowing much except that this center was known for really well done retreats.  I found out on arrival that it was a silent retreat.  WOW, several days of not talking? I am so glad I went!

There were meditations to think about several times a day deep ones, and during silent prayer in the chapel there were examinations of conscience, so many things to think about, to consider one’s life in the light of these things, passages of scripture presented with words of wisdom that brought home how these lessons were meant for our lives now, today, and not only for the past. The meals were wonderful, and social without speaking.  During meals we listened to Scott Hahn’s newest book on tape and I need to buy a copy.  Mass and Adoration of our Lord were uplifting and we had enough time between activities to journal and to think.

As in any examination of one’s life, there were the uncomfortable elements.  I found myself becoming aware of several serious flaws in how I was living and the need to make some changes of habits.  In the long run these issues will work out for the best, meanwhile, seeing myself in a clearer way was uncomfortable.

After three days of silence, we had a fun time at the last breakfast before we all headed home. I didn’t just take insights into myself away with me, but some new friends too.

The Yearly Retreat

Tomorrow is the day I go on retreat. Once a year it is good to get away for a couple of days and take the time to think about where life is going and if changes are needed.   I’ve not done this exact type of retreat before, one that is directed and intended for spiritual growth.  In the past, I have attended various conferences, taken a room by myself and taken time between events and in the evenings to do my thinking and praying about the direction of my life.  Done this way even a conference without any religious component … Continue reading