Murphy’s Laws of Blogging? Or Lessons in Humility

I suspect I am meant to learn something about humility. Why do I suspect this? Well, I was asked if I wanted a flu shot and I boasted,  “Naw, I never get flu, in fact I rarely ever get sick.” Less than two weeks later I caught the incredible hulk of head colds, and it stayed, and stayed, for all the month of December, tormenting me with days of feeling better followed by a crash back into bed ridden misery. I may be a wimp, or this may be something rather difficult to shake. Anyway, I went to the doctor … Continue reading

Called To Life: Pride, Fear and the Mundane

Fr. Jaques Philippe’s book, Called To Life, is providing me with a lot of material to consider.  It also fits with my concurrent reading of Maria Cilley’s book, Sink Reflections. Over at Suscipio, where a group of us are reading Called To Life together, we responded to several questions from chapters 1 & 2: HERE.  Today I blog on one of those questions. 1. How does pride keep us from responding to God’s smaller, everyday calls? Pride says that the little things do not matter.  The problem with this is that little things not done make the big things impossible.  … Continue reading