Abortion and Catholic Teaching

Abortion is an objectively evil act. A Catholic can never approve of, have, participate in, pay for, or take any action that makes abortion more likely to occur without endangering their soul and receiving an automatic excommunication. A person claiming to be Catholic claimed to me that the Church recognizes that abortion is sometimes necessary.  THIS IS A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL.  What the Church teaches is that a miscarriage is not a sin.  Therefore, if in the course of saving a woman’s life and attempting to preserve her pregnancy that pregnancy is lost there is no sin.  … Continue reading

Both Cannot Be True

Character matters. Good character is built on the virtues such as honesty, prudence, courage, and fortitude among others. Virtues such as honesty should be considered by every voter to be essentials in a candidate. What mostly disturbs me about this news is that those in our government charged with enforcing our constitution, especially those portions about who is and who is not eligible to run for the presidency of the United States, did NOTHING to find out the truth and enforce our constitutional laws BEFORE the election in 2008 and since then still nothing.  Clearly they have failed in the … Continue reading