Sometimes the midafternoon sucks

Yeah, my title is crude. I’m at my desk unable to work because the Little Tiger, who is almost three, is throwing a temper tantrum over being forbidden to bring the outside slide into the house. I should get a prize for patience this afternoon. I ought to get a prize for parenting too! What a loud tantrum the Little Tiger throws. It began with a small rebellion. I told my child “No, the outside slide must stay out here.” The child did not like this and said so. Daddy said he could watch while he worked nearby. I repeated, … Continue reading

Style, Sex and Substance: a review

I almost didn’t read Style, Sex and Substance because the title seemed flippant. On the other hand, I won’t readily forget the title!  Hallie Lord selected chapters (submitted by women bloggers, editors and writers) which were edifyingly about women struggling to live their vocations.  I found this to be a very effective book. All 10 ladies who wrote chapters for this book touched my heart deeply. I laughed, cried, and found myself making new commitments to aspects of my vocation that I had neglected.  I found this spirituality applied to everyday lives an effective way to communicate the importance of … Continue reading

June 26 Feastday of St. Josemaria Escriva

Drew Mariani show with Fr. Rocky talking about St. Josemaria Escriva on his feast day, June 26. Just look down the calendar to June 26th and click on the first hour of the show.  It is a wonderful conversation about this marvelous and beloved Saint. All are called to be saints.  There is no room in the Church for slackers. People underestimate their vocation, they think they must do famously great things, but the truth is sanctity can be found anywhere and in any task.  You become a saint exactly where you happen to be. (paraphrase from the audio). I … Continue reading

Nine Very Good Posts and a Catholic Conference

The Chant Cafe had a marvelous post titled Doing Something About It rather than merely complaining about a problem. VERY GOOD.  In this case, it is about the music for Mass and the persons who are working hard to DO SOMETHING about the problem rather than just complaining about it.  In particular, I found the upcoming Words With Wings interesting and exciting.  I hope to get this when it comes out so that I can use it in my home school efforts. House Unseen, Life Unscripted, is a blog I very much enjoy so when I saw the article Why … Continue reading


Parenting has its chores and joys.  I take parenting seriously as a major part of my vocation. It is not my very favorite part of my vocation but it is up there near the top.  I truthfully enjoy study and writing more than I do parenting.  I enjoy the relationship with my husband more than I enjoy parenting.  Parenting comes next in the hierarchy of what I enjoy most in my vocation.  That said, it is certainly an important part of the vocation of marriage. Part of that vocation to marriage and parenting includes such mundane activities as educating our … Continue reading

Vocation of Marriage: George Bailey or Prince Charming?

Over at the National Catholic Register I enjoyed an article titled: Do You Want to Marry George Bailey or Prince Charming?  Please do take the time to go read this fine article and browse their headlines. I was reading this and thinking about my husband who happens also to be my very own mad scientist, inventor, philosopher, creative genius, and a sanctifying influence on my life.  I love the man. He makes me think of a mix of Merlin and Sherlock Holmes. He challenges me to keep growing in my vocation and I in turn challenge him. Women do themselves … Continue reading

Writing: Building a Habit

I write.  Have always loved the process.  I NEED to write and am never totally happy if I am not working on some story or other writing on a daily basis.  Trouble is I distract easily and tend to put other responsibilities ahead of my need to write every day. Distractions are a problem for any mother. I have a vocation to mother my children as well as to write.  It is a struggle to figure out how to do this properly.  I spent this past year frustrated because if I set aside time to write I felt guilty of … Continue reading

Imagination Play and Children

I love the incredible imaginations of Children.  It is amazing to listen to little children and to watch them play. They are truthful in their responses to what they see and hear around them.  They take to prayer with ease because they haven’t the adult’s skepticism.  They are beautiful! A good parent will encourage their children to use their imaginations.  We buy them toys that encourage the use of the imagination.  Pots and pans to pretend to cook, tools to pretend to build things, legos to build whole worlds of imagined spaces, dolls to pretend to be parents,  workbooks and … Continue reading

Vocation Talk: mothering one more difficult?

I read a really powerfully written message today over here: To The Mother of Only One Child, Transitioning into motherhood is a big step in our vocations.  It is not an easy step, not in the least! I remember my first child. There were some difficult changes that took place.  For one thing, I remember giving up the huge camera bag.  I agonized over the need to accept that I could baby-wear the child and carry a diaper bag with a compact camera but that my days of lugging four lenses a tripod, filters, and back-up camera body were over.  … Continue reading

Mothers and Children

My kids were rather radically different one from another and learning to parent each individual has certainly had it challenges.  It is a particular challenge for those of us whose vocations include parenting to find advice that works for our families. I heartily recommend the book by T. Berry Brazelton titled, INFANTS AND MOTHERS. His book Toddlers and Parents is another excellent book.  The best part about his books is that he recognizes that not all children are the same and not all children need the same things from their parents. Sadly the paperback version is out of print but … Continue reading