Lunchroom Related Reason to Home School

Some school tells a mom who packed a really healthy lunch that it failed inspection and bills her for the crappy school lunch!!!  HERE.   Top it off, the lunch police were WRONG about the lunch not filling the requirements for a healthy lunch. It is just another good reason to bypass the insanity and home school. Here is another write up of the same incident with a good bit of commentary on the topic: HERE.  It seems obvious that this sort of activity should make parents recall the methods of Nazi Germany to take over the children of that … Continue reading

Home School History

Home School is a wonderful addition to my vocation. I have never regretted the work I have put into my children’s learning.  The pioneers of the revival of home education that began not that many years ago.  The above video talks about a beginning of one group that started in the early 1980’s but the movement to home educate began to grow in the 1970’s.  It was a long road to prove to the world that home education was worthy of revival! Basic education in this country in the early years was ALL done at home.  The Founding Fathers were … Continue reading

Parental Rights Violations: But it’s only those people….

Native Foster Care: Lost Children Shattered Families on NPR. The above article was quite disturbing because it highlights a parental rights violation perpetrated by our own government which WE have DONE NOTHING TO REMEDY. Unless there is abuse happening or other serious endangerment issues there is no legitimate reason for the government to take children from their homes.  In this case the claim is neglect. The state says parents have “neglected” their children, a subjective term. But tribe leaders tell NPR what social workers call neglect is often poverty; and sometimes native tradition. The article says that while the Native … Continue reading