Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion

THE best time of my life–EVER!  I attended my first Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion.   I am in the far far back, near the guy with the large green dragon puppet. Up front is Jimmy Nelson holding his puppet, Danny O’Day, and his wife next to him is holding Farfel, his dog puppet. I got to MEET him! Such an incredible honor, the number of great ventriloquists who credit their success to his encouragement and his recordings of how to do ventriloquism is huge. In many ways he is the father of all the ventriloquists who teach their craft. The … Continue reading

Links Page for Beyond Appearances Home School Co-op Presentation

Lovely Garb Links for recreating historical clothing: FABRIC TO INSPIRE: SARTOR:  Reference page to see fabrics recreated from archeological finds. Currently, they have a Viking fabric in polyester and rayon that could be trim. But this is more for reference as these fabrics (especially the silks) are very costly. LINEN:  The ILO19 is a nice weight and good for our climate. The price is reasonable for linen and they run daily sales. WOOL: absolutely period, for every region of the world, for every part of the period you are studying. Every person at every economic level would have had garments … Continue reading