THE WAY a movie about living

THE WAY, “Written and directed by Emilio Estevez, THE WAY was filmed entirely in France and Spain along The Way of St. James, also known as “El Camino de Santiago.” ” [from the back of the DVD case], stars Martin Sheen, father of the director/writer Emelio Estevez.  Its a family affiar of a film including cameos of several members of Martin Sheen’s family. I LOVED this movie about a grieving father, a fallen away Catholic, who walks the Way for his son.  The movie included some interesting people, each struggling with their own pain, who join the main character along … Continue reading

Catholic Writer’s Guild LIVE! Conference REVIEW

I spent most of this past week in Arlington taking in the amazing Catholic Writer’s Guild Live! Conference, that took place in the same place as the Catholic New Media Conference, and the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show.  WOW!!!  It has taken me nearly three days of recovery to even begin to absorb all that I attended. First, the good.  I loved meeting people whose blogs and books I have read, am reading, or would like to read. That was so very very FUN I can barely handle it yet.  Give me time.  I’m a mite slow in managing input … Continue reading

The Path to Virtue

House Unseen, Life Unscripted blogged about fearing trials.  It struck a note with me because I have SO been there!  Even though much of what we struggle through is just typical life and not a spiritual attack aimed at us personally, it is easy to get so overwhelmed by daily trails that we begin to fixate on them.  Being by nature a rather neurotic woman, I can become irrational quite easily; I have found that a concerted effort on my part to apply reason in the analysis of what has me freaked out often proves beneficial. I used to be … Continue reading


The Little Tiger turns two today.  Time flies.  Presents are played with and given places on shelves. Fun is had. It is a little sad as well as joyful.  Joy in the growing healthy child, sadness that the baby is grown out of the baby stage and into this new level of interactions with the world.  I miss the tiny infant and yet, I love the two year old stage too. I pray that each memory I seek to make will stick with me forever, all the joy of the snuggles, the laughter, the mischievous grin before doing exactly what … Continue reading


I recall that day very well. I also recall the anger and hatred exhibited by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. I recall thinking how essential it is to pray for our enemies and ask God to bless them and how that seemed to be forgotten in the anger after. I don’t hate those who did this, but I do hold them accountable for their actions.  I pray for our enemies and ask God to bless them even while I desire to see our borders closed so that terrorists don’t have an easy path into our country. REMEMBER: This evil was done … Continue reading

CathiliCon Expo 2011

CatholiCon Expo 2011 will be in Houston next weekend.  It is a conference about the new media efforts that the Pope has been encouraging Catholic laypersons to embrace and use for good. I’m attending because, however inexperienced, I am a blogger and trying to write things worth reading.  I will be attending break-out sessions which are listed on the web site here.  Clarecamp is an opportunity to learn about effective use of the internet so that perhaps my blog might become something special. I am thrilled that there will be Mass in the Extraordinary Form and breaks for daily prayer. … Continue reading

Unintended Heresies

Catholic Teaching is a beautifully simple thing even in its complexity.  Every word has meaning, every phrase is the result of centuries of thinking and prayer and the fruit of MANY discussions and the decisions of ecumenical councils.  It is a rock on which to build one’s house.  Solid in the storms that come because it is the Truth about God. I have a favorite Marian hymn which I sing with a single word changed from the original.  Why would I do this?  I make the one word change in this fine song because as it is worded it reflects … Continue reading

Home Education and the Faith

Home Educators seek to teach the Faith to their children and do a superior job when free to choose their own materials and do the job given to them by God as part of their vocation.  The superiority of home school is well documented (try links from the HSLDA site to read them for yourself).   This carries over into teaching the Catholic Faith to our children.  Home School children learn the faith very well but somehow this fact is missed by some of our Bishops. “Bishop Vasquez believes Catholic education, and in particular Catholic school education, is an essential part … Continue reading

Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi on the situation with Fr. John Corapi

  The Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi writes at his blog  ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT / DEEP CALLS TO DEEP and specifically, he has commented on the situation with Fr. John Corapi here. The Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi is a voice of reason in a maelstrom of unrest.  After reading what he has to say, I have come to the conclusion that while I do think the lack of good due process is an issue to be worked out in the Church, it is not good to condemn decisions being made here just because of that issue.  Separate them, deal … Continue reading

Bible Christianity

The Bible is why I am Catholic.  There is a lot to be said about a Church whose theology uses ALL of the Bible.  Even the most obscure teaching from Tradition is founded on Scripture.  Something to consider about the Bible is that the Bible tells us that if everything Christ taught were written down the world could not contain the books.  Yet the Bible also teaches that the Holy Spirit was promised to the disciples so that they would have everything Christ taught to them brought to their minds so they could teach others.  In the book of Timothy … Continue reading