FOR GOD AND PROFIT is a small book, written by Samuel Gregg, and subtitled, HOW BANKING AND FINANCE CAN SERVE THE COMMON GOOD. The forward is written by George Cardinal Pell.

I am simply loving this book. Quotes of Popes and Church Fathers, a clear understanding of our economic system, and written in a way that our High School age students will be able to benefit in their understanding of our economy and how their decisions can influence it so it serves the common good.

FINALLY a Catholic book on Finance that actually uses all the documents of the Church and DOES NOT twist Church teaching into the greed that is Marxism(and its children communism and socialism). And yes, Marxism IS about greed, the greed to have that which you did not build, to use the power of the government to take their just due from those who do build and create and give it to you.

I’m off to buy 5 more copies to give to my adult children and all the family members old enough to read it!

Dear Lord, thank You for this book. We have needed one like this for some time and thank You that it is written in such a way that our High School age students can read it and benefit from it. +Amen.

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