I spent Lent this year discerning the directions I have been going, the use of my skills and talents and experience, and I’m read to implement some changes around here.

First, I’m going to blog more Catholic Home Schooling. The reason for that emphasis is the diocese once more sent out wonderful Easter greetings in the form of an advertisement for the Parish schools in our diocese. But as always, ignoring the VALID CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WHICH ARE HOME SCHOOLS.

CATHOLIC Home Schools get pretty much lip service or a slap in the face in our diocese, so it is time I stopped wishing I could get a job facilitating Catholic Home Schools and just get going doing it to the best of my ability.

Second, I purchased a new Camera. There ought to be more photos on this blog. In fact, there may be a theme change in the near future to shift over to a much more visual blogging experience.

I’ve training in photography but being busy with graduate school and then more children came along and my DSLR is nearly 20 years old and so far out of date there wasn’t even any way to compare it to ANY of the new cameras, let alone the new DSLR’s. In the intervening years, carpel tunnel has limited how long I could use my 3 pounds of what used to be fabulous camera. The new camera is half that, and a bridge camera instead of a full DSLR. It has enough of what I loved in the DSLR’s with a Leica lens built in– good glass, 12.8 megapixels, and half the weight. I would have loved a larger sensor, but compared to my old camera this little baby outperforms it to a crazy degree. I can hardly wait!

Third, I intend to put some focus on the many kid oriented things we do around here. There will be some things about American Heritage Girls– for after my waiting and waiting for a Catholic parish to start up a troop it occurred to me that maybe God was waiting for ME to get active and DO IT.  So I started the ball rolling a few weeks ago, and God sent me several awesome ladies right off, and we have been working hard ever since. I plan to invite them to guest post too!

Dear Lord, thank You for Lent and Easter. The gifts You bestowed on humanity through the work of Jesus on the Cross are without number or limit. May You be glorified forever and ever, Alleluia! Alleluia! +Amen. 


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