True Devotion To The Holy Spirit by Archbishop Luis M. Martinez

I chose the book, TRUE DEVOTION TO THE HOLY SPIRIT by Luis M. Martinez, as my spiritual reading and having finished it this morning, I thought to review it while still fresh in my mind. I HIGHLY recommend this book!

In the first notes the publisher tells us that TRUE DEVOTION TO THE HOLY SPIRIT is an abridged edition of the book, THE SANCTIFIER, from the original by Archbishop Luis M, Martinez, EL ESPIRITU SANTO. This translation is by Sister M. Aquinas, O.S.U. copyright 2000 by Sophia Institute Press.

Archbishop Luis M. Martinez was archbishop of Mexico. His friends saw him as “a philosopher, a theologian, a teacher, an educator, a superior, a sociologist, a sacred orator, a writer, a poet, a director of souls, and a humorist.” My reading of this book gives me no doubt of the veracity of such accolades. The interior life of the person who wrote this book must have been as deep and fruitful as that of any Saint. If you read it, you too will see how true this is!

The book is divided into several parts, and each part is divided into chapters. My method of reading was to read only one chapter for each day and give myself time to think about the material before moving on. My experience was that for every insight that installed itself into my mind, there were great riches I passed by.  This is no shallow book.  This book is filled with fountains of richness.

True Devotion to the Holy Spirit is Part 1. The chapters cover topics pertaining to the meaning of devotion, entertaining the Holy Spirit as a guest in the soul, the Holy Spirit as director of the soul,  the Holy Spirit as God’s gift to the person to possess and to be possessed by the Holy Spirit, the work of the Holy Spirit to form Jesus within each person and to perfect the soul, to lead you to Jesus and the Father, to reveal the mystery of the cross and teach us to love the cross and to love the Father’s will; our proper response to the Holy Spirit via loving attention, faith, hope, & love.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit is Part 2. The chapters cover the many ways that the Holy Spirit perfects the person by way of growth in the many virtues both natural and supernatural, and intellectual gifts.

The Fruits of the Holy Spirit is Part 3. Here the chapters carry the subject of virtues further, teaching how the Holy Spirit brings about fruits that grow from the gifts under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Three parts, and many chapters later, my word to you is to pick up this book and plan to read it over and over again.

Dear Lord, thank you for the wisdom of archbishop Luis M. Martinez; may Archbishop Martinez rest in everlasting peace and love. +Amen.


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