How to Impress a Toddler #1

Today I spent a gleeful several minutes playing with my Little Crow, who is a sporting almost 2 years old, and a 2 foot diameter heavy duty yellow exercise ball that once upon a time was taller than the child who pulled it down and rolled it over to me, a wide grin and sparkly eyes expressing joy.

I dribbled it like a basketball. Little Crow thought that was the best thing ever.

Each time I stopped, small hands thrust the ball back against my knees until I dribbled it again.

Giggles and jumping up and down in place, toddler high top hiking style shoes making wonderfully big stomping sounds on the upstairs floor. If I ever renovate, I want the ceilings insulated to get this space to be quieter. Or maybe not, the hollow sound as I walk will bring back happy memories for me.

Yeah, stompy boots and a great big ball = toddler giggles.

And I am glad I have that exercise ball after all.

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