Eight things I learned at Bordermarch Autumn Melees 2013

My first SCA camping event was wet cold and fun. I didn’t know what to expect really, the wait for hubby to finish redoing the RV so I could use it did not go well so I purchased a tent, cot, and other needed items and went camping. I am very glad to have done so and learned a lot about camping.

First, if you have a back problem– WAIT for the guys to unload the heavy stuff for you. I wanted to get it done so I unloaded one too many things myself and paid for it with pain the entire event.

Second, if the weather is expected to be nasty, don’t take the toddler! I took plenty of clothing and he wasn’t cold, but really, it was a lot of trouble and prevented my participation to a large extent.

Third, take long underwear. Layers are good, but I needed a heavy cloak and didn’t have one. That said, with the layers in place I was only cold on my feet which made no sense in their warm dry boots– ah well, next time I will try for two pair of socks or wool socks.

Fourth, I enjoyed meeting people and seeing others I have met in the past– the people make the event fun.

Fifth, there is no such thing as too large a tarp for over the top of the tent in the rain!! Also, water WILL get between the tarp and the floor of the tent and so nothing should be on that floor unless inside a plastic tub.

Sixth, pack powdered creamer for the coffee or, even better, pack a french press and incorporate all the elements in a single mix. A steady supply of hot drink is very very very welcome when it is cold. Even better, do a powdered mix of a strong lemon tea.

Seven, take TP and tissues, trash bags and if you have one, your own porta-potty so you don’t have to use the stinky public ones!

Eight, no CPAP machine is a BAD idea. I need to invest in one that can run off batteries. Either that or I MUST take the RV and sleep where there are hook-ups.

I enjoyed my first camp out in spite of how many activities I simply avoided due to rain with a small child. Next time I hope to have the RV, but if not, I can plan to use the tent again, this time with a larger tarp on top. I do wonder if a tarp INSIDE might be good for keeping things dry. Either that or I need to buy a huge pavilion and park my van inside to sleep in it!

Dear Lord, thank You for the adventure. Bless those people who worked so hard to put on the event so that everyone could come and really enjoy it. +Amen.

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