Why Catholic?

 “Why be Catholic?  The dogma is so narrow and limiting.  Catholicism denies other ways of living even exist! It is so bigoted.” –anonymous
To which I responded, 
“We are freed by the dogmas to live in light and not in darkness. This freedom is available to anyone courageous enough to embrace Christ. Truth is GOOD. We know there are many other ways to live- but we refuse to accept less than the GOOD which God has given us through Jesus. Why should anyone prefer darkness to light? We choose light, and hope others will choose it too.”

I find it no surprise that these questions are asked.  Hardly any modern person wants to believe that there are objective truths out there.  If objective truth exists, then those who are honest with themselves might have to change their way of living.  Relativism allows persons to embrace all matter of evil and call it good. Accepting the dogma of good and evil means the little part of each person that wants good begins to make them very very uncomfortable over evils embraced.  People are comfort hounds and do not like to feel uncomfortable.  Sometimes this sense of discomfort is so intense they become very angry. Occasionally they become violent.  Such is the nature of the human being.

I desire to embrace good and reject evil.  Only in recent years has it become acceptable to accuse someone of bigotry when they reject evil.  I argue that it is NOT bigoted to choose good over evil but instead it is good judgement!  Just as it is good judgement to select healthy food and refuse to eat over-processed junk, there is only good judgement and no bigotry involved to select that which brings good and refuse to accept that which brings harm.

Catholic dogma is the map of the only way to heaven. Catholic dogma defines the way of good spiritual health and relationship with God. Catholic dogma defines the way of action to live the teachings of Jesus. Catholic dogma defines the Truths of the Holy Trinity so that we can learn them and live by them.  It is loving, good, and freeing to have a clear map of the way to heaven.

Dear Lord, please restore our full unity as Christians in the one true Church and help people to find the map to heaven. +Amen.

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