Great Weight Write-off: Dennis’ Blood Pressure!

The person who did the best last week in the Great Weight Write-off was Dennis who won because he has successfully used diet to improve his health and control his blood pressures without medication!!  Way to go Dennis!

Dennis is a husband and the father of nine kids, 1 daughter and 7 sons plus one daughter in heaven. He is a freelance writer and author who writes both fiction and non-fiction on numerous topics – family, faith, fantasy , etc. His first published magazine article is in the Lenten Edition of The Word Among Us, viewable on-line at

He has one e-book, Selecting the Best Martial Arts Class for Your Child, at

My older kids both did Martial Arts, as did I, and it was of great benefit to their levels of fitness and confidence.  I always feel that both Dance and Martial Arts are ideal physical activities for children. They help them develop control over their bodies while teaching them the discipline of working toward goals.

Congratulations Dennis!

Dear Lord, thank You for the health improvements of everyone in the Great Weight Write-off. Thank You for such activities as dance and martial arts. Thank You for the blessing of children. Thank You for all the other many blessings we receive from Your hand every day. +Amen.

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