Great Weight Write-off: measurements vs weight

Getting my brain around the fact that weight was not the only way to measure my progress was quite a challenge.  Kinda like getting free of the hypothesis that calorie restriction will take off weight  because types/sources of calories make a huge difference in how our bodies metabolize them (Gary Taubes’ WHY WE GET FAT and GOOD CALORIES BAD CALORIES).  It took learning the science of my metabolism, along with the ways the different foods interact with that metabolism, to find what, for me, is the only way to take off weight.

Cooking from the place of understanding food and its role in human metabolism has improved my ability to meet the part of my vocation that includes feeding my family.  We are all healthier than before.  My husband in particular is delighted with my making changes to be thinner and healthier. My goal is to get there and stay that way!

I really really LIKE doing the measurements of bust, waist, hips, etc. because if I’m adding muscle there will be changes in the measurements even if there is a gain in the weight.  Muscle weighs more than fat, and when I was a regular at the gym, I was adding muscle and gaining weight but losing inches for weeks before there was finally a loss in my weight.

In the past MONTH I have lost a full 3 inches off the hips, 4 1/2 inches off the bust, but only 1 1/2 inches off the waist with a total monthly loss of 18 pounds.  I know the losses won’t continue forever, eventually there will be a plateau, but I am not afraid of that eventuality.

I have to heal more before I can get back into belly dance workouts.  Those will take the inches off the waist but are a bit tricky when dealing with fractures.  I STILL haven’t been cleared to dance or drive a car.

On the up side, by giving in and putting the baby on baby food rather than my homemade totally healthy stuff, he is now downing one jar of baby food at each meal, still breast feeding, and eating a little of everything else we were already giving him.  I can feel him getting heavier. 🙂

Thank you all for being out there, sharing and reading, and just being there.  It matters very much to me!!

Dear Lord, please help me to continue the process of becoming thinner and healthier. Please bless the health and well-being of my husband and children. Please bless my efforts to feed them healthier meals. Thank You for the blessing of people whose studies resulted in the books that helped me to learn more about the human metabolism. Thank You for good food. +Amen.

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