Great Weight Write Off

Well, the name has changed but the plan is the same. The Dieting Dozen Writing to Lose is now the Great Weight Write-off– much better! I started blogging the whole experience early, so this is my second post on the determined bunch who are supporting each other as we seek to pursue health by way of losing some weight and eating healthier. I had a very stressful day today and stuck firmly to my diet. I ate nothing that I should not eat even though it was difficult.  I tend to eat when I stress, and I totally failed to … Continue reading

Ice and Fire Crown Tournament January 12, 2013

Ice and Fire Crown Tournament is a big Society for Creative Anachronism event for Ansteorra, hosted this year by the Shire of the Shadowlands.  I attended, had a lot of fun, and participated by helping to prepare all the food for the Soup Kitchen we set up for lunch for what may have been around 150 people or so. [official count 206 persons attended the event!] The cooking started in December.  I prepared the base for the beef stew and had planned to take it to a work day at Isabelot de Florin’s house but had a wreck that morning. … Continue reading

Dieting Dozen Writing to Lose Challenge!

Dieting Dozen in a Writing to Lose Challenge is a group of ladies who have banded together for mutual support in our efforts to better ourselves by way of bettering our health.  MY goal is to learn to stick rigidly to my diet and in the process improve my health and hopefully shrink my waistline.  With my fellow travelers in this journey toward virtue, I promise to post on my progress every week. March 1 is the target date for this challenge. Who will lose the most weight or inches? Who will be successful in eating on their plan and … Continue reading

7 Quick Takes Friday

I am never sure anything of interest to me is of interest to any one else, but here are seven things that came across my life this Friday morning: 1 The wrecker is finally carrying off my poor little Toyota Echo this morning. I miss it, but am going to get a heavier car next time.  The person who pulled out less than two car lengths in front of me walked away from her car where-as I was in so much pain that I had to be carried away by ambulance. 2 The Catholic Writer’s Guild Conference Online is cancelled … Continue reading

Warm Favorite Winter Comfort Food

Next to a good steak with steamed veggies, my favorite winter comfort food is chili. I don’t measure anything much. It is a sort of dump in the pot and stir kind of food.  I sometimes use it to get rid of things I don’t know what else to do with, and it is very good. In the pot, put: Hamburger, browned with your favorite spices chili powder (@ tablespoon) green salsa cilantro–lots of it paprika–generous amount finely chopped onion (yellow) finely chopped bell peppers (red and green) finely chopped egg plant one or more cans of chopped fire roasted … Continue reading

Difficulties in Raising Children CATHOLIC

Raising children to be good Catholics, true to the fullness of the Faith, is difficult enough with most of secular society teaching a different philosophy, but then we get nuns who teach heresies publicly and the Bishop does not announce that they are excommunicated.  Doesn’t the Bishop realize that by allowing this woman to continue in her errors without strong public correction he makes it harder for me to convince my children that her words are WRONG? Sister Donna Quinn, a Chicago native who has been a Catholic nun for over 50 years, said it’s about time for Illinois to … Continue reading


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Clang the bells and welcome in 2013!  I very likely am sleep as this posts for me automatically (Thank God for WordPress!) but my heart is in the welcoming of the New Year. I hope for everyone much grace and many blessings in the coming year. Remember that Jan I, 2013 is a Feast Day and Holy Day of Obligation. I hope everyone sings a wonderful Marian hymn or two to honor Mary, Theotokos. Let us be sure to seek willful holiness, sanctity, and all the virtues in the coming year so that we become better examples … Continue reading