Great Weight Write-off: Admiration

There are twelve in this Great Weight Write-off; eleven women and a gentleman banded together to be accountable in the effort to stick to commitments to greater health. Each person is participating in the way they feel is best. Several have committed to exercise and their diets vary from person to person. I find myself admiring my fellow dieters very much!

Please take a moment to visit this week’s weight loss winner over at Writing More Than Happily Every After.  BRAVO!!!

The difficulties of eating carefully in a culture where donuts and pastas are common are huge. Each person must navigate a day filled with foods not on the list and resist the urge to taste “just one” much like the struggle of an alcoholic who must resist the urge to have that one beer.  It is not an easy struggle. Our society does not encourage or support efforts to eat healthier. In fact, many of the temptations that must be avoided for weight loss are considered healthy options! More on that in a different post.

I read how one of our number has made three trips to the gym and used a stair climber at home, and another is doing circuit training, still another did some dancing, another walked several days and did an elliptical trainer two other days, and another has been doing weights and intends to add time on his stationary bike. WOW!

I pray for those who are struggling with illness and so they fell off the diet this week.  We’ve all been in that place. Picking up and continuing the struggle is what counts and that is what I see in my fellow dieting writers.  I respect and admire the collective efforts demonstrated by our Great Weight Write-off.

Hats off to my fellows in this effort to be mutually supportive, mutually accountable, and to write about our efforts together. Thank you for being in this with me.  I admire every one of you.

Dear Lord, thank You for the people in my life who support me in becoming a healthier me. Thank You for their participation in this group effort, and thank You for the grace to eat on our diets. +Amen

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