Great Weight Write-off

WEEK TWO of the Great Weight Write-off has been a mixture of stress and success. I lost six pounds and two inches off hip and bust, and 1/2 inch off the waist. A SUCCESSFUL WEEK!!

My week was a stressful mess. We are in the process of changing to a new family practitioner. Next time everyone comes down with the same bug, we can now go to the SAME doctor.  We discovered a few health issues and are treating them.  Other health issues are on the watch and testing list.
I am having some strong symptoms of diabetes, dry mouth, thirst, drink lots then frequent urination but the thirst and dry mouth don’t stay away, vision blurring and my response to carbs is stronger than ever.  Testing commences on Monday, fasting glucose and probably an A1C, and I am seeing the eye doctor on Tuesday for THOSE tests.  So far, these things have not effected my diet.
I LOVE my new GP and her staff.  They LISTEN, they answer questions, they get back to me in a timely fashion.  Dr. Suarez also listens, thinks, and does enough tests to actually FIND answers. This doctor actually ordered FOUR different tests on my thyroid to get a more complete picture!  I am SO glad we changed doctors!  Finally a doctor who takes our health concerns seriously and seeks solutions that make sense.
I stayed on my eating plan except for two days when I added more mixed steamed veggies (both days I had unstable blood sugar symptoms signaled by cravings).
I made stew this week.  Stew with ingredients and spices common to 1000 AD, and as close as my research so far has taught me, commonly used in the Eastern Roman Empire. It is thick, heavy and very tasty!  Until recently, I had never combined, onions, leeks, egg plant, cabbage, celery seed, mint leaves, thyme leaves, and course pepper in a slow cooker with a small roast and some water. Bring up to a simmer, take down to low and cook for 8-10 hours.  Ambrosia!
I also fixed spinach, onion and bacon quiche and spinach-feta meatloaf. I am eating happy.


I continue my research into my target period and region of history.  I have also been working on the newsletter for a group to which I belong.  I finished one project on the Inkle loom and started the second. Next project will attempt to recreate a trim from my target period and region.  I find doing deep focused study is difficult with the particular personalities living at home right now. Am seeking to learn new skills in negotiating quiet.

Dear Lord, thank You for good food. Thank You for our wonderful new family doctor. Thank You for the health of this family and Your help in keeping it. Thank You for family. +Amen.

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