Easy Time Saving Cooking

I thought I’d share this cool link I found to a page of recipes for Freezer Crock Pot Cooking. Prepare a month or more of meals in one shot and then use the slow cooker each day and have more time with the family and less time in the kitchen.

I do similar things except we use a LOT of frozen veggies and buy meat in large amounts when it is on sale, cook it up and divide it into bags and place it in the freezer. Then you have precooked meat and frozen veggies and cans of tomato and chopped pickled tomatio and other wonderful things and make it different every time you set up the pot. MMMMMMMMM!

If you happen to buy one of those HUGE tubes of lean hamburger from Sam’s Club, slit the tube, break the 10 pound roll into two, set side by side on a roasting sheet, sprinkle with favorite seasoning, and then bake the hamburger.   The tube of hamburger is compressed, so it holds its round shape, cook it thoroughly, and then let it cool.  It is compressed so it will slice and still hold its shape.  This makes nice round patties to reheat for sandwiches or crumble into other dishes.

I have other ideas but was inspired to share a bit of the easy stuff.

Dear Lord, thank You for the wonderful variety of foods we have available to us. Please help us to remember the less fortunate and be generous in our giving to missions who help to feed and educate people. Please bless those missionaries. +Amen.

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