Great Weight Write Off

Well, the name has changed but the plan is the same. The Dieting Dozen Writing to Lose is now the Great Weight Write-off– much better!

I started blogging the whole experience early, so this is my second post on the determined bunch who are supporting each other as we seek to pursue health by way of losing some weight and eating healthier.

I had a very stressful day today and stuck firmly to my diet. I ate nothing that I should not eat even though it was difficult.  I tend to eat when I stress, and I totally failed to handle the MRI today. In fact, I simply freaked out, shaking and fighting tears and we had to postpone the needed scans until I can get something from my doctor to knock the anxiety into next week.

The stress of trying to get myself into that closed MRI and failing would, in the past, have sent me to a whole litany of comfort foods that are in no way low calorie.  I actually didn’t binge.

So I rescheduled for tomorrow even though I have not yet heard back from the doctor about a prescription.  If I do not hear back, I am going to dose myself with Benedryl and try again.  For some odd reason, this product not only handles allergies for me, but causes me to become relaxed, cheerful, compliant, and according to my husband, high.  I think it may work to get me through the needed MRI.

Stayed on diet under stress today. Major success!

Dear Lord, Please help me to face fears and move forward. Thank You for the people who support me and please help me to support them too. Please give me courage. Thank You for modern medicine and the many ways it can be used for good. Amen.

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