7 Quick Takes Friday

I am never sure anything of interest to me is of interest to any one else, but here are seven things that came across my life this Friday morning:


The wrecker is finally carrying off my poor little Toyota Echo this morning. I miss it, but am going to get a heavier car next time.  The person who pulled out less than two car lengths in front of me walked away from her car where-as I was in so much pain that I had to be carried away by ambulance.


The Catholic Writer’s Guild Conference Online is cancelled for 2013!  I am very disappointed but the organizers have been hit by a LOT of things this past year and sometimes these things happen.


The Catholic Writer’s Guild LIVE conference will take place in New Jersy in 2013.  I won’t be able to attend that either and so I am quite bummed!


Saturday our local Shire, part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, hosts the  Ice and Fire Crown Tourney with the Snow Ball following.  I help with the soup kitchen over lunch and the weather says cold and raining. Ought to be an interesting day.


I am puzzling over the problem of a three year old who refuses to take my parental word on anything. Not the usual WHY? that is satisfied with answers that get more detailed each time the Why is repeated, no this kid wants to be allowed to experiment and verify facts but that is not safe to permit when the question is WHY can’t I eat X which I have just been told will make me sick? AAARRHHHH!


I am participating in the Dieting Dozen in a Writing to Lose challenge. I’ll blog more on that early next week Saturday.


Writing is something I love doing very much. I suspect that is a large part of my spending time online. Here, we communicate in words, and it is with the written word that I most enjoy communicating with other people. Readers– thank you for participating.

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Dear Lord, thank You for this lovely day and the many opportunities in my life. Please guide souls to You for their salvation, and bring the people of this nation back to virtue and the defense of their God-given rights. Amen.

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