Thoughts On a Saturday Morning

My heart grieves for the families in CT who have lost loved ones in a senseless shooting at an Elementary school.  There should never be gun free zones because evil will choose those places preferentially.  Teachers and administrators need the means to defend themselves and their students.  It is a horrible tragedy and I pray for all involved.

An acquaintance is returning to work, placing her baby in a daycare, and grieving the necessity. This brings home to me how blessed I have been to stay home with my children. Even more, how blessed I am to be free to home school them.

Is it my imagination or are Saturday cartoons even more banal than when I was a child?

I’ve been reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church once again. Our Pope and Bishops have recommended it be read this year.  I enjoy the CCC.  I especially like the footnotes to scripture.

I have a lovely edition of the Breviary. I like the books. I need to find someone who can teach me how to use these books!

If I had an ipad I would buy every app put out by St. Clements ePress.  They have a really awesome pair of apps for the Catechism. They also have the most gorgeous prayer apps!

Seat belt damage to a lactating breast (car wreck) is very very painful. I’m dealing with blood clots in my ducts and it is painful painful painful. Offering it up for my country and the families of those children and staff killed in Connecticut.

Dear Lord, please have mercy on the souls of those who died in the Connecticut school shooting, please bring comfort to their families and friends, and please defend our 2nd Amendment right to defend ourselves against such attacks. Help us as a nation to grow in virtue. Amen.


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