Memories of Childhood

Over at A Woman’s Place…Depends On Her Vocation, she posted on the determination of her little one in hunting for the hidden gifts.  This made me smile as I recalled a time my brother and sister and I managed to FIND the Christmas gifts about a week before Christmas. Our Dad had quite the challenge to convince us that because Santa could not possibly get to EVERY house in one night that he often chose some parents to be helpers and take an early delivery of the Santa presents. They were quickly re-hidden and we didn’t see them again until Christmas morning.  Dad always did have a quick story to cover questions of Santa, stories that were logical and hung together really well.  Even after we KNEW there wasn’t a fat guy in a red suit running around with presents and reindeer we still had the joy of pretending because of those stories.  Santa didn’t have to be literal to be real.

Thanks Dad!

Dear Lord, thank You for my parents, please bless them. Amen.

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