Advent: Preparing to celebrate the birth of a savior

Advent is a season for reflection on my faith, on what I believe, not a season for thinking about what I shall buy. I do give gifts in honor of the Wise Men who came at the Epiphany to give gifts to the newborn King at CHRISTMAS which does not begin until the vigil Mass for December 25.

I am reflecting this Advent on how fragile is life. How the devil does his best to rob you of your faith. How thoroughly the majority of my fellow Catholics have internalized the message of the devil, and how totally they have rejected the Truths of Christ.  A lot of them will show up at Christmas Mass and listen to a lame sermon and receive communion while still using contraception, and living together and having sexual relations outside of marriage, and without going to confession.

God cares for these sheep. These persons who do not know the sound of the true shepherd and so are no longer following him. He cares but free will is ours. They prefer the voices of demons, speaking through nice persons claiming that contraception is not a mortal sin, and that sex outside of marriage is not a mortal sin either.  TRUTH is that to be doing either puts your soul in danger of spending eternity in hell.

I’d like to hear sermons for Christmas that point out that the Christ Child is Truth and that the truth is that many Catholics have rejected Christ because they have rejected Truth.

Catholics will work hard to meet the entrance requirements for clubs and colleges, but they balk at the idea that Truth, Love, Justice, Mercy, has requirements too.  Obedience, virtue, morality, and belief are all aspects of those requirements. Just as you are free to fail to meet the entrance criteria for Harvard or Texas A&M, you are also free to skip over those requirements for Heaven. Your Choice, but your decision to reject the basic requirements WILL leave you outside the universities and heaven both.

Your decision, heaven or hell, but heaven does have standards for acceptance and they are easily found in Bible, Catechism, and the Traditional teachings of the Catholic Church.

I hope you choose to accept and follow the teachings of Catholicism so that you can spend eternity in Heaven. Christ entrusted his requirements to the Church. It is up to YOU to decide if you want acceptance into Heaven or Hell.

Dear Lord, Thank You for the Catechism of the Catholic Church which spells out in simple statements the basic beliefs to be held by all Catholics. Thank You for Your Bible and the Catholic Church to guide us in understanding the Bible. Thank You for making the Sacraments so easy to receive. Thank You for free will.  Please inspire all the clergy to speak Your Truths loudly and boldly and stir souls to conversion and salvation. Please make the Bishops so bold that the world that hates You will hate them thoroughly and please protect the Bishops from the attacks that will come if they Teach as You Taught. Please save souls. Amen.

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