Tuning Life

My autoharps need to be tuned.  It isn’t always easy to find the time I need to tune my musical instruments, yet, if I fail to do the tuning, then neither instrument is ready to play when I have time to practice.  If I don’t have them ready to play for practicing then the practicing doesn’t get done, and if there is too little practice then I never learn the songs, and if I never learn the songs then I am unable to go play for anyone because I am unprepared.

There is a LOT in my life like tuning my autoharp.  Things that take time to do which if I don’t do them will mean I am unprepared later for some action.

Just like the virgins with their oil lamps from scripture.   Those who purchased extra oil for their lamps were taking the time needed to do a boring chore.  The women who didn’t do the chore of shopping for more oil, were unprepared.  Their lamps went out and they were unable to go with the bridegroom when he arrived.


OH how like those foolish virgins I can be!  That load of laundry not done may catch me out without a clean outfit for that last minute invitation to lunch.  Or a bountiful supply of meat purchased on sale really cheap, may be a problem to get cooked and frozen if I failed to keep foil and ziplock bags in the pantry.  Or keeping up with the vacuuming will prevent the house from being tidy enough for unplanned guests. More likely, my failure to exercise properly could lead to my being unable to physically keep up with my children when they would like me to play with them.

What about the early rising of a child and the rush to do breakfast and diaper changes and dressing the children and in the end MOM fails to get a shower and never does get out of the baggy outfit that was grabbed in the rush to meet the needs of the family? Doing laundry, keeping up with housework, getting showered and fully dressed is like tuning my autoharp. It may seem like something I can put off and forget because I am doing other good things but failure to do it will limit me later.

Our vocations are dependent on our doing the little preliminary things that make the big picture happen much like my playing music is dependent on me tuning my autoharp.

Dear Lord, please help me figure out the many things that are like tuning my autoharp.  Please grant me the grace to overcome sloth in order to do them.  Help me to remember how to say, “no,” to distractions that prevent them.  Thank You for everything this Lent that showed me that I need to tune my autoharp. Amen


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