POLL: Vote in the TIME Magazine poll

Fr. Z over at WDTPRS brought this Time Magazine poll to my attention. Given what is going on in the USA right now, Timothy Card. Dolan, as President of the USCCB engaged on our behalf in a battle with the White House over the religious liberty and civil rights of all Americans… and making headway… is nothing if not “influential”. Card. Dolan should be on that list.  If he is on that list, he’ll get some “street kred”, though the newsies will ignore it.  Will it make huge difference?  Perhaps not.  But when pundits and talking heads prattle about this our battle … Continue reading

Tuning Life

My autoharps need to be tuned.  It isn’t always easy to find the time I need to tune my musical instruments, yet, if I fail to do the tuning, then neither instrument is ready to play when I have time to practice.  If I don’t have them ready to play for practicing then the practicing doesn’t get done, and if there is too little practice then I never learn the songs, and if I never learn the songs then I am unable to go play for anyone because I am unprepared. There is a LOT in my life like tuning … Continue reading