Climate Changes

Over at A Woman’s Place…Depends on Her Vocation she wrote about her reaction to the climate in Florida where they are living while her husband is in graduate school. I can relate to a climate being a bad match. Florida is hot and humid or hotter and even more humid depending on the season.  My grandmothers loved the place and spent happy years living down there.  I enjoyed visiting but have never wanted to live there because of the heat and humidity.

My home state is Ohio.  A place of more moderate heat in the summer but its own dose of humidity. A place with four distinct seasons that as a child were, for me, a constant experience of discovery. A place with wonderful people and its own culture. I wasn’t happy when we moved to Texas, but you get used to it soon enough.

I love the people here in Texas. I love the spaces, and the attitudes, and the quirky qualities of the major cities, and the fascinating cultural elements, but I HATE the climate. Humidity that sits at sauna levels and triple digit temperatures in the summers are bad for me. All that warm wet air is wonderful for plants and molds, and all sorts of things that grow which set off my allergies.  I don’t mind a dry heat too much, but my first love is a cold four season climate!

I have acclimated over the years. Summer in Ohio does not feel very hot to me anymore when I visit friends. Yet the summers in Colorado in the mountains feel quite cold. I expect when we retire to a colder climate I will soon adjust again.  Given the opportunity I could see myself returning to my old home town in Ohio to live someday.  I probably won’t because hubby and I plan to retire to his childhood stomping grounds in Colorado, which I also love.

The variety in the climates of places is a wonderfully good thing because people are different too and will find the ordinary goodness of a place for themselves.

I look forward to living in a colder climate someday.

What is your favorite thing about where you live? Do you have a favorite climate?

Thank you Most Holy Trinity for the wide variety of climates we have in this world and the interesting differences in culture and people from place to place.  Please help each of us to appreciate the place where we live at any given time.  Thank you for the beauty of this world. Amen.


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