Movies and the Toddler

I learned the hard way that there are some movies that you as a parent will say are OK for a toddler and then live to regret.

I find the movie Lilo and Stitch ADORABLE. I had a Stitch stuffed toy before this child was born, became a fan and absconded with my Stitch. However, I did not realize that a child could relate so strongly to the frustrations that Lilo was facing in trying to communicate with her sister that she would begin to act them out.

My two year old has taken to responding to frustration JUST LIKE LILO in the scene after the first visit by Mr. Bubbles the social worker. You know the scene where the sisters are yelling at each other and Lilo throws herself face down on the floor.

Yup, my kid is now responding to correction by doing a LILO face to the floor–thump. She is also responding to being sent to her room by SCREAMING from the doorway.  My child has the lungs and projection of an opera singer which makes the screaming from the doorway a miserable experience for me.

Not that there were not temper tantrums before the movie, but after the movie it became apparent she found Lilo a good role model and so began to pattern her tantrums after Lilo.

I think I will go find some cute Shirley Temple movies, like the Little Princess, and have her watch that instead. The little girl in that movie is so polite and her grammar is good, and her manners are charming, and she is kind and cheerful to everyone. THAT is a kid I wish my toddler would emulate!

Meanwhile, Lilo and Stitch is banned until she outgrows this awful behavior!

Anyone out there have experienced something like this?

Dear Lord, please help me to be patient and consistent with the Little Tiger and demonstrate a calm response to help her change her behavior to something more pleasant. Meanwhile, thank you for my children and bless them and my husband. Amen.

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