Ordinary Goodness: eating for health

Over at Granola Catholic there is a great blog post on health care from the kitchen.  I love reading about things like this for the simple fact that one never knows when such information might come in very handy!

Meanwhile, I am working into eating Paleo style because it eliminates to food groups that cause me joint pain.  I’m reading up on the topic with Dr. Loren Cordain’s book The Paleo Answer.  I purchased my copy from amazon.com.

This is a really interesting book.  I know from past experience of eliminating dairy and grains from my diet at the suggestion of a doctor who suggested it might clear up my joint pain and improve my over-all health.  He was correct and I’ve been on again, off again, trying to find a pattern of eating habits that would incorporate that knowledge and helping me to still enjoy my food and lose weight.

So far I’ve gotten rid of the bulk of the fluid retention from my last pregnancy, and I’ve begun to lose some of the inches.  Not enough to show much yet, but a start. I can FEEL the difference even  if it is not visible yet.

Health is so much better supported when you learn about nutrition. I like the Paleo books by Dr. Cordain, but also the book, Eat To Live by Dr. Furman (even though it lacks in the science of nutrition department, it does support a near Paleo pattern of eating), and Gary Taubes’ books Good Calories, Bad Calories, and Why We Get Fat.  ALL very good books about how food works in our bodies and what we can do to improve our health and lose weight through improved nutrition.

Anyway, thought I’d share my foodie book list.  I hope to eventually give you a before and after set of pictures. Sometime in the future.  Meanwhile, eat hearty and be healthy!

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