Update: Lenten Devotionals

I’m having some minor success this year in keeping my Lenten plans.  This year I decided to keep picking up and continuing even if I fell down and missed a day or so on the planned prayers.  After all, Jesus fell when carrying His cross and got up again to carry it further. I wanted to think on His example of perseverance and apply it to my Lent this year.

I decided not to expect to succeed by my own efforts but to trust God to decide if I would be perfect or struggle.  I left it in His hands which took a lot of pressure off me.

I managed one novena without missing, but my prayers for the Total Consecration to Mary have been imperfect.  I do make up what I miss and so I am still on track, but the biggest most important part for me has been that God must be aiding me. I think God has given me extra grace this Lent because I am not feeling discouraged by my failure to be perfect in my prayers.  I haven’t felt like giving up.  Instead, I have been OK with my weakness and grateful to God that He helps me pick up again and keep going.

I consider it a sign of growth for me that I’m keeping on rather than giving up.  It is good.

I hope your Lenten devotionals are going well too. God bless!



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