Parenting has its chores and joys.  I take parenting seriously as a major part of my vocation. It is not my very favorite part of my vocation but it is up there near the top.  I truthfully enjoy study and writing more than I do parenting.  I enjoy the relationship with my husband more than I enjoy parenting.  Parenting comes next in the hierarchy of what I enjoy most in my vocation.  That said, it is certainly an important part of the vocation of marriage.

Part of that vocation to marriage and parenting includes such mundane activities as educating our children and providing for their material and physical needs.  Today we took the youngest of our children in for a two week check-up.  Weight was good, well on its way back up to birth weight. All measurements looked good, right on track, and the pediatrician was able to assure me that while this baby is radically different in behavior from my other three kids, this is all very normal.

I’ve been worried you see.  My older children all made eye contact early and often, tracked objects with their eyes early, were physically more robust in their movements, and were far more interactive with me while nursing than is this small one.  I was starting to worry there was something wrong.  The doctor was plain that sleeping more than the others and not making eye contact before 3-4 weeks was normal and I need not worry that something was wrong with him.  It is good to have an outside evaluation.

So I’m a happy parent today!


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