6th Day of Christmas: Feast of the Holy Family

6th Day of Christmas: Feast of the Holy Family

Today we celebrate the Holy Family: Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.  The Church holds them up as the ideal for the family life of all people. This is a feast day that moves depending on which day Christmas falls on in the year and there is a nice explanation at the link in this sentence.

Joseph, sensitive to the spirit of God, was guided by angels in his care and protection of the Christ Child and the Holy Virgin Mary.  His role as protector included teaching a craft to Jesus so that he could work and be part of the society in which he lived.  Just as we are to be part of the societies in which we live and take part in them. As full citizens we are responsible for getting involved and helping to guide our culture toward that which is good. Joseph’s example of strong masculinity compliments the role of the feminine in understanding our dignity as human beings. Jesus came to understand that strength and masculinity can also be gentle and quiet through the example of Joseph.

Mary, full of grace, took care of her home and family in the ways that were traditional in her culture and time. Hers was a nurturing role in which she taught the Faith and the prayers and scriptures and gave Jesus the example of a woman whose work was sanctified and sanctifying.  Her example of femininity that did not shy away from hard work is valuable to educate all of us in a true embrace of our own dignity as human beings.  Today, mothers are usually the first teachers of the Faith, whose efforts give their children the basic concepts essential for understanding the world through the eyes of Faith and their first understanding of the dignity of the feminine in the plan of God.

“Jesus saw work sanctified through the example of his earthly parents, who did all things well in the ordinary circumstances of daily life.”

Our Families are to reflect the perfection of the Holy Family and our examples in tending to the ordinary work of our lives are there to teach our children to fulfill their own roles as adults well. It is our vocation as parents to teach our children how to recognize their own vocations and to fulfill them well.

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Here is an interesting video about Mary and Scripture:

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