Sewing Closet

I was checking out blogs I hadn’t looked at in awhile and found THIS.  I’ve been living with my sewing in a corner and that is beginning to be a problem with a toddler and another baby on the way, and the fact that I’m going to need that corner for the cradle and baby swing…..

I would love to have a closet set up like hers.  I have a closet that is longer that would be fabulous, but it has such nice hanging rods and shelves built in that I hate to rip it up to make it into a sewing closet.  But it would be such a NICE sewing closet.

I can see it with space for both the sewing machine and the serger, and if done right, I could still use the table by sitting it into the closet and bringing it out to expand the work space while I sew.  There is even a spot in the corner near the closet where the mangled attempt at a body double dressmaker dummy can go.  AND there is space for a large chest to hold the fabric stash.  yes, that would work very very well!

We keep trying to avoid new projects here because we want to move. Trouble is the time table for moving keeps getting pushed back further and further.

I’m seriously thinking that a re-do on the closet might be in order.

Happy Sewing!

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