Of Fat Suits and Dancing

Two quotes inspire me and keep me trying on the weight control goals.  They are the following:

“We are 118 lb women working our way out of fat suits” –Maria, my first workout partner

“Ballroom Dancing beats aerobics any day, my personal goal is to be able to Quickstep or Viennese Waltz without a break for a full hour.” –personal fitness goal

I’ve kept these in focus through long workouts with a trainer.  Sessions with the chiropractor to put back what moved out of place as I worked out.  Hours of ballroom dance classes and belly dance classed followed by chiropractor for what went out of place as I pushed through the dancing.

I’ve followed religiously diets assigned by trainers and nutritionists and doctors.  You know, none of them seem to do much more than lower the weight so that the SECOND that you eat anything more the weight just LEAPS back on!  In fact, every time I diet, no matter how much BETTER my eating habits are afterwards the weight comes back with friends.

Hubby worries about my health and he has good reason. I am fat. I need to lose weight. However, the diets that “worked” didn’t work long term because you can’t live on them.  My vocation requires I keep in good health in order to fulfill the obligations of that personal vocation, and this is another sound reason why the weight is an issue.  I also have children and want to be more active with them.

So I started thinking.  There was ONE diet that worked very well for me.  Not only did it work to the tune of 100 pounds lost over a year or so but even after several stressful life events and a total loss of my good habits fully HALF of that stayed off permanently (7 years and counting). I could live on that diet.  I enjoyed it.

Yesterday I was surfing the net and somehow found myself watching some lectures on obesity research on youtube.  Those lectures linked to other lectures and soon I realized that perhaps it was time I went back to the one diet that worked. Even the research I watched supported that way of eating.

I felt clearer headed on that diet, healthier, more energetic and I lost weight.

I am tired of living with this fat suit.  I miss dancing three or more times a week.  I believe it is time to adjust my already healthy eating habits to return to the successful way of eating and see how it goes.

Meanwhile, if you would like to do a bit more reading on the topic of health-related eating, try out Jack’s Blog and Living Low Carb Forum.  Both are interesting and informative as are some of the books they recommend.


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