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Sharing a link to a perfectly wonderful blog, House Unseen, Life Unscripted.

I particularly related to the blog post here.

I’m having “one of those days” and when I do have “one of those days” I tend to take myself and every little irritation much much too seriously.  Today, I was bothered far more about the screeching child who is unhappy about being on the SAFE side of the baby safety gate while I attempt to get my work done (totally ignoring toys and the nearly 200 square feet of baby safe space, with rug to play on and bare floor to drive cars on,  in which to play) than is reasonable.

So I took a break to explore a blog I recently began following.  It was exactly the sort of thing I needed to read today.  I laughed and laughed and related very much.  I relaxed. I took a deep breath.  I relaxed a bit more, and I knew I needed to make this experience my post for today and share the blog that made it happen.

We ALL need those moments which make us laugh, take a deep breath, and relax–maybe just a little bit– and it is so much healthier to relax.

It made cleaning up pineapple from the wood floor so much easier to take.

Be sure to go visit a blog well worth reading: House Unseen, Life Unscripted.

Thank you and have a blessed day.

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