Wubbie’s Woofs: Introduction

I want to introduce myself, I am Wubbie. I come from a fine lineage of health and temperament tested and carefully bred AKC champions and have many close relatives who have Agility, Obedience, Rally Obedience and Canine Good Citizen titles. I am proud of my relatives but also very proud that my title is even more important than all of theirs because I am: THE FAMILY DOG.

Some people feel that this is a role that can be played by any dog at all but that is not so. I am skilled in silliness and also in walking on a leash. I do basic obedience and agility. I entertain small toddlers and old people. I know how to behave on a grooming table and the proper attitude to have when traveling in a car.  I help to educate the next human generation in how to be good dog people. I also keep small rodents out of the yard and bark at squirrels. There is no end to the work I do as part of this family and no other dog could possibly replace me because I am unique.

From time to time I will add my little paw’s efforts to the keyboard and give my opinions on things doggy in this world of ours. Humans need the perspective of our species because otherwise they get entirely too caught up in themselves.

Meanwhile, as my human says, there are some things best handled with a dog’s touch and this is my role on our blog.

Welcome and Woof!

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